BHBC support a number of missionaries and mission organisations who work both within Australia (including among our Indigenous people) as well as beyond our shores in many capacities including aid development.

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Schools Ministry

Our church has a long tradition of sharing and caring in both primary and high schools in our region. Volunteers go into public schools to share religious instruction with children in many local schools. Volunteers find this an enriching and rewarding experience.

In high schools our church financially supports chaplains in schools who serve students in many ways including being a listening ear during the oft stressful teenage years.


Baptist Mission Australia

"Our passion is to see the gift of Jesus embraced by people around the world. With deep compassion and cultural sensitivity, Global Interaction exists to empower communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus. Working in cross-cultural settings for almost 130 years, BMA's vision is to see: • Growing, vibrant faith communities among nine least-reached people groups in Africa and Asia. • Australian Baptists engaged in cross-cultural mission through prayer, giving, understanding and going."