Friday, April 27th, 2018


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Catalyst - Social Justice

The Baulko- Baps Catalyst group is our social justice group which advocates for issues of aid, injustice and poverty to our wider church family and into our community. Catalyst members also meet with politicians - lobbying them regarding these matters. The Baulko- Baps Catalyst Group supports the themes of Micah Challenge and Baptist World Aid Australia in their yearly agenda for Catalyst Groups and through social programs or as other opportunities arise. Please see the Baulko-Baps Catalyst Website for more information:

Refugee Ministry


The global refugee crisis is overwhelming there are over 19 million refugees in the world today. They have fled violence and discrimination and are seeking safety and shelter. We need to recognise refugees in their humanity and not allow the dehumanisation of others to continue; we also need to be aware of this in political and media discourse.

The Baulko Community works with organisations such as International teams and A Just Cause, participating in events such as the Sydney 'Ride for Refugees.' As a christian community we believe it is important to, pray for, advocate and stand with refugees and Asylum seekers.

Sydney International Teams: 


Global Justice

BWAA (Baptist World Aid Australia) is a Christian organisation dedicated to reducing poverty and injustice globally.

Micah Challenge is part of a global movement of churches, groups and individuals inspiring and equipping Christians to speak out against poverty and injustice. Once a year they conduct a 'Voices for Justice' conference in our nation's capital during which politicians are lobbied regarding aid related issues.

World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian Organisation which is dedicated to tackling issues of poverty and injustice. The 40 Hr Famine helps to raise awareness and funds for the poorest people in our world.


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